Nai Nami Story on Swiss Public TV – SRF 10vor10

Social Entrepreneurship in Nairobi: How Nai Nami Is Fighting Youth Unemployment and Crime in Slums

For Impact Journalism Day, the Swiss public television (SRF 10vor10) featured the social entrepreneur Gianmarco Marinello. While studying Social Innovation at the Amani Institute in Nairobi, he founded the social enterprise Nai Nami with the aim to grant disadvantaged youth from Nairobi’s slums a future in life.

Nai Nami transforms the street skills and life stories of former street children with criminal pasts into a sustainable business model which empowers them to create value through an official job, earn a regular income and interact with people from all over the world. These youths make tourists experience Nairobi through the eyes of street children by offering an inspiring storytelling walking tour in the heart of downtown (not in the slum), which has become the best tour in Nairobi according to TripAdvisor.