The Story about Nai Nami and its Impact

The social enterprise Nai Nami was featured in a short documentary produced by Charlie’s Travels, a travel agency in Nairobi (Kenya) which offers local experiences to travellers who want to explore Africa off-the-beaten-track.

Founded by the social entrepreneur Gianmarco Marinello, Nai Nami is a social enterprise in Nairobi which fights youth unemployment in Kenya. Nai Nami gives disadvantaged youths from slums the opportunity to have a job and regular income by building on their street skills and life stories. On an inspiring storytelling tour in downtown Nairobi (not in the slum), former street children make tourists experience Nairobi through their eyes. Nai Nami has become the best tour in Nairobi according to TripAdvisor. Without Charlie’s Travels, Nai Nami’s main partner, this wouldn’t have been possible.