Keith & Stephanie

This was the most incredible tour we have been on. We met with the guys and they took us around the city, focusing on the downtown area. During the walk, they take the time to describe not only the different parts of the city but how those connect with their past life experiences. It was touching, it was fun, it was educational all in one tour. Some of the images and places were a little graphic but it was so interesting and we always felt so safe with them. Everyone in the town knows them very well and when they take you to the market, they let you get the full experience but they are always there with you advising you and helping whenever you need. They were so friendly, made us feel like we were family. They were very honest and definitely did not try to hide or sugar coat any of their previous experiences even though they were tough, especially for such young guys to have experienced. We STRONGLY recommend this tour if you are interested in learning the real life that some people live in Kenya. It also gives you a very different perspective all while you are learning and meeting great people. Thank you guys so much for sharing your life, we are very happy you have turned your lives around and are now doing these tours. We loved our time with you and hope to see you again!!