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COVID-19 help in the slum!

We help single moms, street kids and disabled people in the Mathare slum with food, sanitary pads and sanitizers to overcome the pandemic.

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Eyes of a Street Child

Change your perspective on life through unforgettable stories shared by former street children on a personal tour in downtown (in-person or online).

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Storytelling Tour

Are you one of those travellers who look for real, local experiences, resulting in unforgettable stories, that will amaze everyone back home?

No one else has better street skills, insights and stories to share about Nairobi than former street kids. This encounter is a unique opportunity to get inspired by people from a different world. It will not only change your own life, but you’ll also contribute to giving your guides something they never had before: purpose, employment and a future.

We make sure everybody gets their own guide to allow a personal exchange, inspiring interaction and an opportunity to ask all your questions!

After connecting with your personal guide at the Hilton Hotel, you’ll go on a three-hour walking tour around downtown. You’ll learn how they ended up and survived on the streets, experience the places where they lived and get to know who they were and what they’ve become through Nai Nami. Local lunch is included at the end of the experience.





"The streets of Downtown are my home, where I have been raised and taught how to survive. Now it is time to share it with the world."



"It makes me proud seeing how I can inspire people from all over the world with my turbulent life story."



"Exchanging ideas and discussing about life with my guests, often leads to long-term friendships I couldn’t have made otherwise"




Our Partners

We are Gianmarco Marinello and Sriram Damodaran. We met during our studies of Social Innovation Management in 2016 in Nairobi, after we both decided to give up our careers and dedicate our lives to creating social change. We created Nai Nami, a platform aimed at capitalizing on the existing skills of youths from slums, allowing them to have a job, a stable income and an interface to meet and connect with people from all around the world. Since January 2019 Nai Nami is RUN and OWNED by the youth themselves!

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Shouldn’t it be possible for youth from slums with impressive skills and inspiring life stories to create a future for themselves, in spite of their lack of a school degree? Nai Nami believes in unlocking their potential and the ability to create value. Four of our guides have started earning a monthly income and moved away from a life of crime and hustle. They are now considered role models in their community and encourage their friends to also move to sustainable income generating activities using their skills.

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In our blog, you will hear stories from youth from slums from the ground when they share with the world how Nai Nami has changed their life.

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