I had such a wonderful time meeting Kissmart and the rest of the tour guides. They were very insightful, knowledgeable, kind, patient and helpful. But the most enlightening part of the tour was hearing about each of their backgrounds and how they overcame all of their obstacles to live and serve as mentors in the ways that they do now.

They took us to various parts of Nairobi, explaining the different ways of life in each part, sharing their stories as well as some history of the neighborhoods. Where most tours only take you through the bright and shiny parts of the city in a bus or a van, you are actually walking through the neighborhoods with guys from the streets. If you’re hesitant because you will be walking, don’t, it seems that everyone knows them, respects them, and they are very protective of the clients. You will leave the tour in lightened thankful and have a new appreciation for the obstacles and the opportunities that these kind fellows have overcome. Highly recommended parentheses formally) who really know the neighborhoods and the stories