Susan & friend

I always choose to go for walking tour whenever i travel to new places. In Nairobi – i was warned over and again that i shouldn’t walk around the town alone, better travel in car get a uber door to door. But I wanted to really see the place and the people. Being full aware of security concern, I carefully selected to join Nai Nami’s Storytelling Tour.

It was SUPERB! My best walking tours of all time (and i have been to many from Europe to Asia to the US).

The boys were really willing to share their insights and stories – just a pity that I didn’t have enough time to really talk or listen to them, while walking down the streets there were so much to see – each person we walked past, trying to figure their stories. There were simply too much to catch up.

I wish i can just sit down and listen to their stories – all of them (there are 8 former street boys in Nai Nami now, i have met 4).

And they surely make sure that we were safe at the walking tour – there were REALLY ppl who were eyeing on us. For 2 of us, there were 4 Nai Nami guides who were accompanying us, we were so lucky to have these cool guides and bodyguards 🙂

I admire their courage and will to making a change. Lives they have been through – I can barely imagine